We supply pure organic Germanium powder.

Why must germanium be taken in powder

Why must organic germanium be taken in power form? Here are the reasons.

1. The degrees of purity and safety are extremely important for germanium, which is an edible organic product. Digestion and absorption in the body are also extremely important.

2. Capsules and tablets usually have much lower purity and concentration, and there is no way to verify their safety. In addition, because it is difficult for them to be digested and absorbed in the body, and are largely wasted, big results cannot be expected. (Note: The shell of a capsule and the outer coating of a tablet usually take about 2 hours to be digested by the stomach; this means that much of the medication in these forms is discharged before being digested and wasted.)

3. Organic germanium in powder form is not only easy to take, it is readily digested and absorbed into the body and almost nothing goes wasted, which means it's also cost-effective. A person taking germanium can calculate and calibrate the needed dosage for himself, and can expect quick results.

4. Since 1989, Germanium Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing organic germanium in pure power form only, with 99.99% purity and 100% concentration. We do not manufacture the product in capsules or tablets.

Looking at the powder with the naked eye, the powder must be a pure white color, and it must be like fine flour with no particles or crystals. There must not be lumps or impurities in the powder.

To test, mix organic germanium powder in water(distilled water is more accurate) at 60°-80° C and stir well to dissolve. (The tested amount is 50 cc of water per 20 mg of Ge-132.)

First: It must completely dissolve in the water. (Stir well with a spoon.) Second: No sediments(impurities) must settle to the bottom, even when left standing for an extended period of time. (Example: even after 24-48 hours) Third: After the powder has completely dissolved in the water, the water must be crystal-clear. (If the results are different from the above descriptions - if there are settlements, foaming, or incomplete dissolution, then it's likely that the product either has a low degree of purity or is inappropriate for medicinal use; the product's quality is suspect, and should be used with caution.)