We supply pure organic Germanium powder.

How to take organic germanium powder

1) Put the dosage of organic germanium powder in the mouth and slowly dissolve with saliva before swallowing.

2) After putting the dosage in the mouth, gargle with a mouthful of water or juice and swallow.

3) Put the dosage of organic germanium powder in hot water(over 80° ~ boiled water) and stir about 1 ~2 minutes to dissolve, and drink it like tea.

4) Much better and quicker results can be expected when taken before every meal on an empty stomach, which increases the rate of digestion and absorption. (If, however, you have excess stomach acid, it is better to take it after meals. This is because organic germanium is an oxide and could irritate the empty stomach of a person with excess stomach acid.)

All three of the above methods of taking germanium are similar, but the third method is strongly recommended because it assures the fastest rate of absorption into the body.

1. People who want to maintain health and fortify the immune system, guard against harmful electromagnetic waves, and raise their level of concentration: 1-2 doses per day (morning, night) on empty stomach, half spoon each using include spoon. About 350~800mg/Take daily

2. For diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and other chronic ailments and middle-age disorders. Take one(1)spoonful (using included spoon) on empty stomach 3-4 times daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner, before going to bed). (If condition improves after taking germanium for 3-6 months, gradually reduce amount taken). About 1,000mg ~ 3,000mg/Take daily

3. For incurable diseases such as cancer, or recovery and prevention of metastasis after surgery, patients being administered anticancer drugs, dementia, AIDS, Parkinson's disease and palsy: Take one(1) or two(2) spoonfuls on empty stomach 3~4 times daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner, before going to bed). (Gradually reduce dosage if condition gradually improves after taking it for 3~6 months.) About 3,000mg ~ 6,000mg/Take daily.

**Spoon size: one full spoonful will amount to approximately 750 mg, but a heaping spoonful will be approximately 1000 mg